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Active Camps

Keeping children active, engaged & happy during the school holidays. 

Ensuring your child remains engaged and physically active during holiday breaks can be a tough task.


It's essential for them to meet the daily recommendation of 60 minutes of exercise, but finding the time and energy to make sure this happens isn't always feasible.

Enter CMXSC Active Camps, an Ofsted registered children's holiday camp provider


Your child will experience action-filled days brimming with sports and physical activities, providing a secure environment for learning, socializing, forging friendships, discovering new interests, boosting confidence, and creating unforgettable memories.

As an Ofsted approved provider, we accept childcare vouchers. We have comprehensive child protection policies and guarantee our staff is thoroughly trained in paediatric first aid and safeguarding.

Choose Active Camps for a reliable, cost-effective, and adaptable solution to keep your child joyous and healthy all through the school holidays.

Our mission is to provide a huge variety of sports & activities at every camp offering children the opportunity to experience and try new sports and activity as much as possible.

Whether your child is crazy about Sports, Gymnastics, Dance or Performing Arts our coaches work to ensure every child is engaged and included from the moment they come to camp to the moment they are collected.

Importantly all done in a safe, structured and welcoming environment - putting your mind at ease as a parent.

We deliver a wide variety of holiday camps throughout academic year at the following venues…

Mildmay Primary School  Robin Way, Chelmsford CM2 8AU

Maltings Academy Witham CM8 1EP

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