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Our Clubs

Our Before and After school and lunchtime provision are full of fun and excitement for all age groups from Foundation - Year 6. Where children can learn new skills or refine skills they have already acquired in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. We provide the following clubs

  • Gymnastics

  • Football

  • Dodgeball

  • Dance

  • Cheerleading

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Multi Sports

  • Boot Camp ( Fun Fitness )

  • Archer

  • Netball

  • Balance-ability & Scoot-ability

As part of our clubs the children will be able to win prizes, certificates of achievement and merchandise. Club registration and payments are all managed through our online registration system where parents can book their desired clubs for there child or children with easy and security gaining loyalty points, discount codes and up to date information. Meaning stress and hassle free school clubs for your school and the office staff. Registers of all clubs will be sent to the school for your records.


With the Government’s fantastic support and commitment to continue the PE and Sport Premium funding for primary schools across England, along with The Department for Education who have authorised the rollover of any PE and Sport Premium funding that has not been used in the current academic year due to Covid-19 gives primary schools a huge boost in provision they can provide for the development of sport, children's health and wellbeing.

CMXSC and its staff believe that Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social wellbeing of our children and young people should be at the heart to school life. The PE and Sport Premium Funding will not only support the physical aspect of our children, but also the Mental, Emotional and Social benefits that Sport and Physical Activity brings. The effects of Covid 19 on this generation of children will be felt for many years and the PE & Sport Premium funding is massively important for the next academic year and beyond.

We as a company and coaching staff are ready to work with you and your school in its delivery of the PE & Sport Premium funding. Designing and unique and long term strategy for your school and it needs.


With our support delivering your schools Physical Education, together with your PE Curriculum lead and or your SLT we will design a program to meet your schools needs. Mapping out a short, medium and long term plans for our staff to follow to best suit the children and staff at your school.

You will also have access to

Senior Coaches with Specialist Sport Experience
Lesson Plans and Planning
Schemes of work
Staff CPD
Risk Assessment in line with Covid 19 Regulations
Behavior management program
Assessment of Sport at your school
Professional review of sports equipment

Our PPA Cover

Our PPA Cover provision is the perfect opportunity for you to give your staff the time away from the classroom they need in order to plan, review, discuss and plan for the busy term a head.

During our PPA Cover we can provide a mixture of different activities inside and outside the classroom. Planning with your SLT and or teaching staff we can create a custom PPA Cover yearly plan to support your staff whilst also giving peace of mind knowing that during this time these classes will be given the full support of our experienced staff.

What do you receive with our PPA Cover

Structured PE lessons
Team building, problem solving and small group activites
Classroom based PE lessons to include nutrision, healthly foods, why is exercise important, our body, muscle groups and more.
Classroom support for teachers and Teaching Assistants, LSA's and HLTA's
Classroom based "Catchup lessons" for core subjects
General Support and Cover based on your schools yearly custom PPA plan

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