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Witham Active Camps

Want to keep your child active during the school holidays...? You have come to the right place!

Do you struggle to keep your children active and engaged during the school holidays..? The school holiday doesn't need to be a screentime marathon for your children. 


We know children are happier and healthier when they are active, playing with friends and learning new skills. Its recommended that children should have at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity, but ensuring they do is a challenge you don’t always have the time and energy to take on.

This is where our Ofsted registered Active Camps comes to the rescue with an affordable, reliable, flexible and professional childcare option for parents during the school holidays!

Action-packed days of sport and physical activity await, offering your child a safe space to learn, socialise, stay active, form friendships, develop interests, build confidence and create lifelong memories.

As an Ofsted registered provider, we accept childcare vouchers, have detailed & robust child protection policies in place, and ensure our team is suitably qualified in paediatric first aid and child safeguarding.

Active Camp Timetable

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