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PE - Teacher Mentoring

Enabling teachers to elevate the standards and activity levels of primary physical education in a sustainable and impactful manner

A primary PE mentoring programme designed by teachers for teachers that equips learners with the tools and expertise to increase the quality of PE.

The PE Curriculum Support (PECS) program represents a sustainable and impactful way to utilize your PE and Sport Premium. budget. Far beyond just a single-day training session or isolated activity, PECS adopts a comprehensive strategy to integrate physical education throughout your school.

Developed in collaboration with Aspire Training Solutions, our PECS Program is endorsed by the Association for Physical Education (afPE), ensuring top-quality teacher learning.

PECS is distinguished by its success in significantly enhancing:

  • Effective Planning

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Reporting Mechanisms

  • Teacher Confidence

  • Staff Knowledge in Subject Matter

Centered around a mentoring approach, PECS aligns with the DfE Professional Development Standards, providing consistent support to enable teachers to enhance physical education and activity levels enduringly.

Guided by experienced mentors, PECS focuses on improving and assessing student outcomes. The program includes comprehensive activities designed for long-term practice integration, such as collaborative teaching strategies, formative planning and assessment, and specialized primary school PE expertise.

Crafted by and for primary school teachers, PECS is driven by solid data and a dynamic approach that adapts to the needs of UK primary schools.

Outcomes of the Program:

PECS equips classroom teachers, who are already proficient in their field, to extend their expertise into physical education effectively and sustainably. It bolsters their confidence in delivering high-quality PE, thereby enhancing student outcomes.

Through our support, your teaching staff will gain access to professional development, mentoring, training, and resources, enabling them to more effectively teach PE and sport to all pupils.

Let us assist you in integrating physical activity throughout your school, fostering a healthier, more active learning environment."

Download our PECS BROCHURE


98% Of teachers who have been guided by PECS felt they had increased their confidence in delivering PE lessons


93%  Felt they had improved their ability to plan a PE lesson

95% Felt they had improved their ability to track pupils in PE

93% Felt they had improved their subject knowledge in PE

88% Felt they had improved their ability to write reports in PE

How PECS Meets DfE Standards:


  1. Focus on Enhancing and Assessing Student Outcomes:

    • Assessment before program delivery to tailor PECS activities based on the teachers' needs, experience, and knowledge.

    • A reflective practice model to assess the impact on student outcomes.

    • Lesson differentiation to support each pupil's potential and promote rapid progress.

  2. Grounded in Solid Evidence and Expertise:

    • Pre and post evaluations to gauge effectiveness.

    • Detailed impact data reports.

    • Curriculum progress tracking.

    • Regular quality checks through observations and training.

    • Documentation of evidence on a dedicated portal.

    • Personal development folders for staff to track and reflect on their growth.

  3. Collaboration and Expert Guidance:

    • Continuous mentor support, including modelling and challenging practices.

    • Regular feedback to assist in goal creation, achievement, and reflection.

  4. Long-term Engagement:

    • On-site delivery during actual lessons with pupils.

    • Mentorship before, during, and after lesson execution.

    • Persistent support for all participating teachers.

    • Mentors facilitate sustained physical activity opportunities for children, including extracurricular activities and leadership roles."

If you're interested in learning more about our Teacher Mentoring Program and how it can enhance the delivery of quality physical education and sports in your school, we invite you to click the email link below to connect with a member of our team

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