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A professional mentoring program for primary school teachers.

The PE Curriculum Support (PECS) programme is an effective, sustainable investment for your PE and Sport Premium. It is more than a mere 1-day training course or standalone activity - instead, it takes a holistic approach to embed PE across your entire school.


Our PECS Program has been developed in partnership with our close friends Aspire Training Solutions and is recognised by the Association for Physical Education (afPE) as a program that assures high-quality learning for teachers.


PECS has a proven record of helping schools drastically improve:

  • Planning

  • Progress tracking

  • Reporting

  • Teacher confidence

  • Staff subject knowledge 


Mentoring Process

Primarily a mentoring process, PECS addresses DfE Professional Development Standards, offering regular and ongoing support to empower teachers to raise physical education and activity levels in a way that lasts.

PECS is led by expert mentors and is focused on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes. The programme involves activities designed to sustain and embed practice, including collaborative teacher activity, formative planning and assessment, and expert primary school PE input.

PECS is designed by primary school teachers for primary school teachers. Everything we do is underpinned by robust data and our approach is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the UK's primary schools.



Your teachers are highly skilled experts in the classroom. The PECS programme helps them transfer those skills into the PE environment in a safe, sustainable way. Teachers become more confident in delivering PE to a high standard, improving outcomes for your pupils.

With our help, your teaching staff will get professional development, mentoring, training and resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively to all pupils.

Let us help you embed physical activity across your school.

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Download our PECS BROCHURE


98% Of teachers who have been guided by PECS felt they had increased their confidence in delivering PE lessons


93%  Felt they had improved their ability to plan a PE lesson

95% Felt they had improved their ability to track pupils in PE

93% Felt they had improved their subject knowledge in PE

88% Felt they had improved their ability to write reports in PE

How does PECS address the DfE Standards?


Professional development should have a clear focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes

       Pre programme delivery assessment to match needs, experience and knowledge to PECS activity and delivery

       Reflective practice model evaluates impact on pupil outcomes

       Differentiate lessons to help pupils achieve their potential and make rapid progress


Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise

       Pre and post evaluation

       Impact data reports 

       Curriculum progress mapping

       Quality assurance through regular observations and training

       Evidence reported on portal

       Each member of staff has their own personal development folder to help develop, support, reflect and evidence                       progress

Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge

       Mentors provide ongoing support, modelling and challenge

       Regular feedback to help create, achieve and reflect on goals

Professional development programmes should be sustained over time

       Delivered on site in your lesson with your pupils

       Mentoring relationship pre, during and post lesson delivery

       Ongoing support for all teachers taking part

       Mentor can help engage children in sustained physical activity opportunities e.g. Extra curricular or leadership



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