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Active Schools

"Children who are active, are happier, healthier, more engaged, focused and do better at school ."

"Enhance your school's physical education, sports, and activity offerings with our bespoke approach, aimed at incorporating physical activity effortlessly into your daily school schedule.

Facilitating at least 30 minutes of physical activity for children during the school day can be challenging. The growing demands of an expanding curriculum and the focus on academic success often relegate physical activity to a lower priority.

However, it's important to remember that children who are not happy or healthy do not learn effectively. Engaging in positive physical activities not only enhances children's physical literacy but also improves their health, well-being, and academic performance.

Our customized programs are crafted to align with your school's unique needs. We assist in adopting a holistic approach to integrate physical activity throughout the school day, ensuring your school effortlessly meets and surpasses the 30-minute daily physical activity goal."

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An inclusive approach to PE that involves every student ensuring engagement and high-quality delivery.

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Our Balance Bike Program enhances children's confidence, spatial understanding, and dynamic balancing abilities, essential for becoming proficient cyclists.


Extra-Curricular Clubs

Before and After School Sports Clubs that creates weekly opportunities for children to learn and participate in  a variety of Sports & activities.


Teacher Mentoring

A personalised mentoring programme designed to equip teachers with the tools and expertise to increase their confidence, competence and PE subject knowledge.

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Maths On The Move

Develop children’s confidence and understanding of key maths concepts through movement-based games and challenges.

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Playground Activator

A single-day training session designed to equip lunchtime supervisors and support staff with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to encourage pupils to increase their activity levels on the playground.

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If you would like to discover more about our Active School Services and explore how we can assist your school in providing quality physical education and sports programs, please click the email link below to get in touch with a member of our team."

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